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    How old were you when you knew your passion and purpose in life? From the time Dr. Natasha could remember, it was always on her heart to one day be a doctor as well as an actress. From her singing, dancing and drama lessons to always taking care of others. Being fun-loving and a healer resonated with the spirit of who she was, is and always wanted to be. Graduating from the University of Florida in 2000, Dr. Natasha attained her Bachelor's of Science degree in Microbiology & Cell Science on track to become a medical doctor. Unbeknownst to Dr. Natasha at that time, was that medical doctors were not the only type of a doctors that truly helped people. 

    Journeying through the type of doctor she would become, Dr. Natasha found herself in the City of Angels, where she graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2005 from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Los Angeles, CA was not only the place where she accomplished her purpose of becoming a doctor, but also reignited her childhood passion of being an actress. However, with purpose in hand, Dr. Natasha set off for a whirlwind of a life, living in Washington DC and Miami, FL which would one day bring her back to Cali to fulfill the passion she put on hold; all was a necessary part of HIS PLAN for her life in order to gain the knowledge and experiences to receive the keys that propelled Dr. Natasha into her GOD-given PASSION and PURPOSE.  

    So here we are, present day, prepared and equipped with the lessons of life, Dr. Natasha has moved into her greater purpose because GOD worked out HIS PLAN and has appointed and anointed her The D.O.P.E. (Divinely.Opioniated.People.Educating/Enlightening and Entertaining) Doctor, whose GUIDING PRINCIPLE MANTRAS have always been the foundation of HELPING YOU HELP YOURSELF which are: “IT'S NOT ABOUT PAIN, IT'S ABOUT FUNCTION,” and “WHAT are YOU DOING in MEANTIME.”  Her childhood passion of being an actress was also fulfilled as she is on the cast of the show Angel on BET+ (Thank you Jesus. Be still and allow GOD to go to work in YOUR life).  

    NEVER letting go of the dreams that was put on her heart as a child of GOD, Dr. Natasha’s PASSION, PURPOSE and LOVE for CHRIST; who SAVED her LIFE, is here to take you on your journey of rediscovering yourself, while educating you on the TRUTH about WHY CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS are NECESSARY THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE. Chiropractic adjustments IMPROVE the SIGNALS of HOW YOUR BODY COMMUNICATES FUNCTION and that’s what REAL-TIME WELLNESS is.

    Dr. Natasha is currently licensed and practices in Beverly Hills, California. She’s written three children’s books and is currently working on her fourth book (adult wellness). She wrote, co-produced and performed chiropractic rap videos (using beats from her favorite rappers). She enjoys praising God, spending meaningful time with her family and friends, watching sports, traveling, writing, and taking time to remind people that they matter. BLESS UP✌🏾

About Your Transformation

dr natasha

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on MASKING or MANAGING the symptoms of YOUR PAIN, Dr. Natasha’s approach emphasizes on RESTORING FUNCTION in YOUR BODY by way of IMPROVING how YOUR BODY COMMUNICATES the SIGNALS of FUNCTION, so that YOUR PAIN GOES AWAY NATURALLY.  That is the WAY YOUR BODY was DESIGNED to function - to HEAL ITSELF.  MEDICINES SHUT OFF YOUR BODY’s NATURAL ABILITY, hence the reason you have to ALWAYS take them. YOUR HEALTH is a PRIVILEGE NOT a RIGHT; and most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, throughout their life, if they could. With FUNCTIONAL HEALING, you can.

As the FUNCTIONAL CHIROPRACTIC HEALER, Dr. Natasha will take you on a SELF-DISCOVERY journey starting from the very beginning, a place that might be uncomfortable, but necessary to UNLOCK, RELEASE and RESET YOUR MIND and BODY to shift levels into the RESTORATIVE HEALTH TRANSFORMATION YOU’VE been in search of. It’s time to UNLOCK and RELEASE the RENEWED and HEALTHIER version of your previous self in the re-DISCOVERY that puts YOUR BODY in the BEST position to HEAL ITSELF moving forward. 

Dr. Natasha will personally tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to your health and wellness transformation GOALS. Her GUIDING PRINCIPLE MANTRAS are, “IT'S NOT ABOUT PAIN, IT'S ABOUT FUNCTION,” and “WHAT are YOU DOING in MEANTIME,”  are both the foundation of HELPING YOU HELP YOURSELF because REAL-TIME WELLNESS is about IMPROVING HOW YOUR BODY COMMUNICATES FUNCTION RIGHT NOW, in order to MITIGATE DISEASE over time.

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